Ming-Sho Ho
Job Title Professor
Name Ming-Sho Ho
Office Tel No. 02-33661227
Email msho@ntu.edu.tw
Job Title Professor
Journal articles in English
Forthcoming, “The Changing Memory of Tiananmen Incident in Taiwan: From Patriotism to Universal Values (1989-2019).” China Information (accepted)
Forthcoming, “How Protesters Evolve: Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Movement Learned the Lesson of the Umbrella Movement.” Mobilization: An International Journal (accepted).
2020, “From Unionism to Youth Activism: Taiwan’s Politics of Working Hours.” China Information, https://doi.org/10.1177/0920203X19896476.
2019, “Taiwan’s Road to Marriage Equality: Politics of Legalizing Same-sex Marriage.” China Quarterly 238: 482-503.
2018, “The Historical Breakthroughs of Taiwan’s Anti-nuclear Movement: The Making of a Militant Citizen Movement.” Journal of Contemporary Asia 48(3): 445-464.
2018, “From Mobilization to Improvisation: The Lessons from Taiwan’s 2014 Sunflower Movement.” Social Movement Studies 17(2): 189-202.
2018, with Chun-Hao Huang and Chun-Ta Juan, “The Institutionalization of Social Movement Study in Taiwan: A State-of-the-field Report.” International Journal of Taiwan Studies 1(1): 115-140.
2017, with Chunhao Huang, “Movement Parties in Taiwan (1987-2016): A Political Opportunity Explanation.” Asian Survey 57(2): 343-367.
2016, “Making an Opportunity: Strategic Bipartisanship in Taiwan’s Environmental Movement.” Sociological Perspectives 59(3): 543-560.
2015, “The Dialectic of Institutional and Extra-institutional Tactics: Explaining the Trajectory of Taiwan’s Labor Movement.” Development and Society 44(2): 247-274.
2015, “Occupy Congress in Taiwan: Political Opportunity, Threat and the Sunflower Movement,” Journal of East Asian Studies 15(1): 69-97.
2014, “The Fukushima Effect: Explaining the Recent Resurgence of the Anti-nuclear Movement in Taiwan.” Environmental Politics 23(6): 965-983.
2014, “Resisting Naphtha Crackers: A Historical Survey of Environmental Politics in Taiwan.” China Perspectives 2014/3: 5-14.
2014, “From Resistance to Accommodation: Taiwanese Working Class in the Early Postwar Era (1945-1955).” Journal of Contemporary Asia 44(3): 479-499.
2012, “Beyond Tokenism: Institutional Conversion of Party-controlled Labor Unions in Taiwan’s State-owned Enterprises (1951-1986).” China Quarterly 212: 1019-1039.
2012, with Chen-Shuo Hong, “Challenging New Conservative Regimes in South Korea and Taiwan: A Comparison of the Anti-American Beef Protests.” Asian Survey 52(4): 643-665.
2012, “Sponsoring Civil Society: State and Community Movement in Taiwan.” Sociological Inquiry 82(3): 404-423.
2011, with Jane Hindley, “The Humanist Challenge in Taiwan’s Education: Liberation, Social Justice and Ecology.” Capitalism, Nature and Socialism 22(1): 76-94.
2011, with Jane Hindley, and Hua-Mei Chiu, “Introduction: Neoliberalism, Social Movements and the Environment in Taiwan.” Capitalism, Nature and Socialism 22(1): 18-21. [A special issue co-edited by the author]
2010, “Manufacturing Loyalty: Political Mobilization of Labor in Taiwan (1950-1986).” Modern China 36(6): 559-588.
2010, “To Co-opt Social Ties: How Taiwanese Petrochemical Industry Neutralized Environmental Opposition.” Mobilization: An International Journal 15(4): 447-463.
2008, “Contentious Democratization of Environment: Militarism, Conservation and Livelihood in a Taiwanese Community.” Journal of Political and Military Sociology 36(2): 269-291.
2008, “Control by Containment: Politics of Institutionalizing Pollution Disputes in Taiwan.” Environment and Planning (A) 40(10): 2402-2418.
2007, “The Rise and Fall of Leninist Control of Taiwan’s Industry.” China Quarterly 189: 162-179.
2006, “Challenging State Corporatism: Politics of Labor Federation Movement in Taiwan.” China Journal 56: 107-127.
2006, “The Politics of Preschool Education Vouchers in Taiwan.” Comparative Education Review 50(1): 66-89.
2005, “Taiwan’s State and Social Movements under the DPP Government (2000-2004).” Journal of East Asian Studies 5: 401-425.
2005, “Protest as Community Revival: Folk Religion in a Taiwanese Anti-Pollution Movement.” African and Asian Studies 4(3) 237-269.
2005, “Weakened State and Social Movement: The Paradox of Taiwanese Environmental Politics after the Power Transfer.” Journal of Contemporary China 14: 339-352.
2004, “Contested Governance between Politics and Professionalism in Taiwan.” Journal of Contemporary Asia 34(2): 238-253.
2003, “Democratization and Autonomous Unionism in Taiwan: The Case of Petrochemical Workers.” Issues and Studies 39(3): 105-136.
2003, “The Politics of Anti-Nuclear Protest in Taiwan: A Case of Party-Dependent Movement (1980-2000).” Modern Asian Studies 37: 683-708.
Other Publications in English
2020, “Why Do Taiwan’s Environmentalists Oppose Renewable Energy Facilities?” China Policy Institute Blog, University of Nottingham, https://bit.ly/3fsqg1B, 2018/7/13.
2019, with Dana Triff, “‘Restore Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times’: Pro-democracy Protests Are Once again ‘occupying’ Hong Kong.” Eastern Focus 3: 74-81, https://reurl.cc/d5eAdM, 2019/11/30
2019, “Why Was the Sunflower Movement Successful?” Journal of East Asian Studies 19(3): 309-311, https://reurl.cc/9X1qEY, 2019/11.
2018, “The Activist Legacy of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement.” Carnegie Foundation for International Peace Research Paper, https://goo.gl/MTMkaU, 2018/8/2.
2018, “How the Grassroots Initiatives Will Shape Taiwan’s Environmental Future.” China Policy Institute Blog, University of Nottingham, https://reurl.cc/A1qbaj, 2018/4/25.
2018, “The New Anti-Air Pollution Movement: Social Construction in Taiwan.” Taiwan Insight, University of Nottingham, https://goo.gl/CKifjX, 2018/1/2.
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2014, with Kingshyon Lee, “The Maoming Anti-PX Protest of 2014: An Environmental Movement in Contemporary China,” China Perspectives 2014/3: 33-39, https://reurl.cc/LdXg6x.
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2005, “Choosing Choice: School Choice in International Perspective, edited by David Plank and Gary Sykes.” Book review, Comparative Education Review 49(4): 595-596, https://reurl.cc/avageY.
Books in English
2019, Challenging Beijing’s Mandate of Heaven: Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.
2014, Working-Class Formation in Taiwan: Fractured Solidarity in State-Owned Enterprises, 1945-2012. New York: Palgrave Macmillan

Book chapters in English
2020, “The Religion-Based Conservative Countermovement in Taiwan: Origin, Tactics and Impacts,” in Civil Society and the State in Democratic East Asia between Entanglement and Contention in Post High Growth, eds. by David Chiavacci, Simona A. Grano and Julia Obinger. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, pp. 141-166.
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DOI: 10.1002/9781118663202.wberen366.
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Year Project Title Participator Job Title Period Unit
2019 前進凱道:解嚴後三十年的抗爭劇碼與空間性(1987-2016) 計畫主持人 2019.08 ~ 2021.07 科技部
2016 挑戰北京霸權:比較台灣太陽花運動與香港雨傘運動 計畫主持人 2016.08 ~ 2019.07 科技部
2015 台灣地區民眾對再生能源現存與潛在抗爭問題與其處理機制之研究(II) 協同主持人 2015.08 ~ 2016.07 科技部
2015 台灣半總統制的制度韌性:治理、衝擊與回應之子計畫六:半總統制的公民運動與民主深化:紅衫軍運動與太陽花運動的比較 計畫主持人 2015.01 ~ 2016.12 科技部
2014 全球風險與在地回應:世界風險社會中的台灣 總計畫含子計畫主持人 2014.01 ~ 2015.12 國科會
2012 台灣晚近新興社會運動:二次政黨輪替下的公民社會 總計畫含子計畫主持人 2012.01 ~ 2013.12 國科會
2011 工廠裏的革命與反革命:列寧主義的問題與共產黨、國民黨如何組織台灣勞工階級 計畫主持人 2011.08 ~ 2013.07 國科會
2010 本土社會運動研究二十年的回顧與展望 計畫主持人 2010.04 ~ 2010.12 國立台灣大學社會科學院
2009 工業污染、回饋金與地方待從主義 計畫主持人 2009.09 ~ 2009.12 國立台灣大學社會科學院
2009 從人本主義到新自由主義:台灣教育改革運動的政策回應 計畫主持人 2009.04 ~ 2009.07 國立中山大學國家政策研究中心
2008 製造忠誠:比較台日中的勞工政治動員 計畫主持人 2008.08 ~ 2011.07 國科會
2008 社區回饋政策與地方侍從主義:比較大高雄地區的石化產業 計畫主持人 2008.05 ~ 2008.12 國立中山大學國家政策研究中心
2006 都市環境主義的階級分析 計畫主持人 2006.08 ~ 2008.07 國科會
2006 教育改革與社會正義:批判教育社會學的反思之子計畫四:被強迫的文憑主義:分析台灣幼教師資的學歷提升 共同主持人 2006.08 ~ 2007.11 國科會
2005 工人與黨國體制:台灣新傳統主義的形成與轉型 計畫主持人 2005.08 ~ 2006.07 國科會
2004 台灣全志社會志社會運動篇 共同主持人 2004.08 ~ 2006.07 國史館
2004 台灣教育改革的結構、政策與行動-解除學費管制的政治經濟學分析 計畫主持人 2004.08 ~ 2006.07 國科會
2004 教育改革的社會學分析:論述、實踐與反省——從社會運動到國家政策:台灣教育改革的政治過程分析(II) 計畫主持人 2004.08 ~ 2005.07 國科會
2003 2003.08 ~ 2004.07
2002 地方社會的永續發展之路:永續台灣2011研究 地區研究顧問 2002.08 ~ 2003.07 國科會
2002 教育改革的社會學分析之子計畫「從社會運動到國家政策:台灣教育改革的政治過程分析 2002.08 ~ 2003.01 國科會
2002 工人團結的文化起源:勞動體制與消費模式的分析 計畫主持人 2002.08 ~ 2003.07 國科會
2001 社會運動與政黨的政治聯盟:比較反核運動與反美濃水庫運動的政治策略 計畫主持人 2001.10 ~ 2002.07 國科會
School Name Department
National Taiwan University Ph. D. in Sociology
National Taiwan University BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
臺灣大學出版中心 《臺灣社會學》 主編 2020.01 ~ 2021.01
台灣社會學會 理事 2020.01 ~ Up to today
倫敦大學亞非學院 《中國季刊》 編輯委員 2019.01 ~ Up to today
臺灣大學出版中心 《臺灣社會學》 編輯委員 2019.01 ~ Up to today
台灣國際研究學會 《國際台灣研究期刊》 編輯委員 2018.01 ~ Up to today
2018.01 ~ Up to today
英國諾丁罕大學 中國政策中心 兼任研究員 2016.01 ~ Up to today
台灣社會學會 理事 2014.01 ~ 2016.12
國立台灣大學 風險社會與社會政策研究中心 兼任研究員 2013.01 ~ 2018.12
國科會 人文社會科學中心 兼任研究員/執行委員 2012.01 ~ 2017.12
臺灣大學出版中心 《臺灣社會學》 編輯委員 2012.01 ~ 2015.12
台北縣永和社區大學 講師 2010.01 ~ 2011.12
臺灣社會學會 《台灣社會學刊》 編輯委員 2008.01 ~ 2010.12
教育部 高中生人文及社會科學基礎人才培育計畫 南區主持人 2008.01 ~ 2009.12
國立編譯館 社會學名詞審議委員會 委員 2007.01 ~ 2009.12
台灣社會學會 理事 2007.01 ~ 2009.12
Year Award Name Awarding Unit
2020 Grant Sumitomo Foundation
2019 Academia Sinica Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences Academia Sinica, Taiwan
2019 NATPA Professor Liao Shutsung Memorial Award North America Taiwanese Professors’Association(NATPA)
2018 Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholar Grant National Taiwan University
2014 Outstanding Research Award Ministry of Science and Technology
2008 Dr. Wu Ta-yu’s Award for Young Scholars National Science Council, Taiwan
2004 Fulbright Postdoctoral Grant Fulbright
2004 Ministry of Education’s Grant for International Study Ministry of Education
2001 The Award for the Best Ph. D. Dissertation Taiwan’s Sociological Association
1999 Ph. D. Candidate Support Grant Academia Sinica
1998 Visiting Scholar Grant Chinese University of Hong Kong
1998 Professor Long Guan Hai Memorial Award National Taiwan University