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Hwa-Jen Liu

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Education: Ph.D. in Sociology, University of California, Berkeley
TEL: +886 (0)2-33661236

Research Fields

Collective Actions and Social Movements; Developments; Theories; Historical-Comparative Analysis

Research Interests


Recent Publications (2009-2014)


●Hwa-Jen Liu. 2015. Leverage of the Weak: Labor and Environmental Movements in Taiwan and South Korea. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.(Social Movements, Protest, and Contention Series, Vol. 42)

Journal Articles

●劉華真,2014,〈운동궤적을 다시 생각한다: 타이완‧한국의 노동운동과 환경운동(韓文翻譯,2008年台灣社會學之期刊論文)〉。《한국사회학연구》5:3-44。

●劉華真,2011,〈消失的農漁民:重探臺灣早期環境抗爭〉。《台灣社會學》21: 1-49。

●Hwa-Jen Liu. 2011. "When Labor and Nature Strike Back: A Double Movement Saga in Taiwan." Capitalism Nature Socialism 22(1):22-39.

●劉華真,2010,〈臺灣一九七○年代的勞動抗爭初探〉。《臺灣民主季刊》7(1): 31-63。

Book Chapters

●Hwa-Jen Liu. 2013. "Will They Tie the Knot? Labor and Environmental Trajectories in Taiwan and South Korea." in Nora Räthzel, David Uzzell eds. Trade Unions in the Green Economy pp.162-178. London: Routledge.


●2006. Harvard University Fairbank Center for East Asian Research, Post-doctoral Fellowship.

●2005. UC Berkeley Chancellor`s Dissertation-Year FellowshipChiang Ching-Kuo Foundation Dissertation Fellowship
●2003. Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship